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Sep 15, 2022

Nigerians rate the Cardvest gift card trading app as the best in town



Gift card trading in Nigeria as a venture is becoming more widespread as the years go by. The consequence of this popularity is Nigeria's ever-increasing number of gift card exchange platforms. Every other day, a new exchange platform is launched, making it hard for Nigerians to discern the best amongst the many.

Many would argue that something that is the best should be based on perspective, and choices are subjective. This might be true for a lot of things but not exchange platforms. The dangers of choosing the wrong exchange platforms outweigh taking risks because you think choices are subjective. One wrong move, and you become a victim of an internet scam. It is okay for your choices to be influenced, especially when it points you in the right direction.

Many Nigerians are making the right decisions with Cardvest, not because of sentiments or preference. The reason is simple—Cardvest is the best gift card trading platform in Nigeria. Through years of dedicated services to providing Nigerian traders with a complete trading experience, Cardvest has managed to maintain the number one spot above other exchange platforms in Nigeria.

So, if you have gift cards and have been second-guessing selling them for cash because of the fear of getting scammed, we have the ultimate solution for you—Cardvest.

On Cardvest, every customer is special, as your needs are always considered above anything else. The platform is spectacular, with features that make trading easy and profitable. After reading these features and how they are being implemented on the platform, you will understand why Nigerians are continuously choosing Cardvest and why it is the hottest exchange platform in town.

Outstanding Features of Cardvest 

You might ask yourself, "what makes Cardvest so special?" The answers to your questions are in the features of this platform. It's not like other platforms do not have similar features, but the difference is in the layouts and executions; Cardvest is at the forefront. So, buckle up and read these features to understand why Cardvest is becoming the favorite of most Nigerian gift card traders.

Reliability and consistency

Reliability and consistency are the backbones of any exchange platform that has the thoughts of its customers at heart. You should be able to rely on your exchange platform of choice always to provide the best trading services, and Cardvest does just that. All the juicy deals promised to traders are always fulfilled. If Cardvest promises you the most fantastic rates, then you're getting the most fantastic rates. Cardvest always goes out of its way to ensure that needs are met.

Best Rates

You can only profit from selling gift cards by selling them at the best rates. Gift card rates are volatile and are always changing, but Cardvest is one of the few exchange platforms that still manages to provide good rates for its customers. This is because Cardvest is intentional about helping its customers maximize their profits.

So, if you want to sell gift cards at the best rates and make robust profits, Cardvest is the trading platform for you. And you can even compare it with other platforms and spot the difference.


As you enjoy the consistency and fantastic rates of Cardvest, it would amaze you to know that your assets are protected from unauthorized third parties. Cardvest uses the best security technology to protect its customers from hackers and scammers. Since the creation of Cardvest, there have been no cases of hack or loss of user assets.

Cardvest created its platform in a way that you are in total control of your account's security status using the password system. You get to choose your password by yourself and protect it from getting stolen. Sharing your password to a third party is your prerogative when using Cardvest. In the event that sharing your password becomes essential, you can change the password immediately after the event.

Customer service

Customer service is another feature of Cardvest that makes it a personal favorite. Not a lot of businesses care about their customers enough to have a 24/7 customer service team like Cardvest. When using the Cardvest gift card exchange platform, you can call customer service at any slight inconvenience. If your payment takes more than five minutes, then you can contact customer service and have it sorted out immediately.

Cross-platform availability

The Cardvest app is available across all devices. You can download the Cardvest app for your android devices from Google Playstore and for your Apple devices from the Apple Store. The Cardvest app for Apple Phones was recently launched, but it has already been critically acclaimed by several gift card traders across Nigeria. The platform is also available on the web, and all the platforms share the same features. Every transaction you complete on the Cardvest app or website is recorded on the platform for any reference.


 In addition to being the best gift card trading app in Nigeria, Cardvest also provides mouthwatering incentives for its customers. The incentives are in the form of referral bonuses. You get paid for every customer you refer with your referral code when the user completes a transaction. It doesn't matter the type of gift card the user sell. Even if the user sells a $10 Google Play gift card, your referral bonuses would be paid in full. All you have to do now is send your referral code to your friends and family so that you earn without trading gift cards.

Easy steps to sell gift cards on the best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria—Cardvest 

Follow the easy steps to sell your gift cards on Cardvest.

  • Create an account with your email and phone number on the app or website.

·         Allow Cardvest to have access to your photos.

  • After creating an account, proceed to your dashboard to add a local bank account so you can get paid quickly.
  • Proceed to sell your gift card by clicking "let's go."

·         Input all the required information about your gift card.

·         Upload a clear image of the gift card.

·         Enter Comment, if there's any. If there's none, click on Place order.

·         You'll be directed to the recent transaction page. Click on sell.

  • Your transaction will be approved in less than five minutes, and your account will be credited.


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