Sell iTunes, eBay, Steam, Amazon, Nordstrom, and Sephora at the best rates.


 Selling gift cards for cash does not require so much expertise especially when trading on a good platform. Trading even becomes much interesting when you get extra value for your gift cards. Tacit exchange offers the best rates for all gift cards you want to trade. There is a wide range of cards you have access to trade. Itunes gift cards, eBay, amazon, Jcpenny, Footlocker, google play, Macy’s, Nike, American Express, Steam, Walmarts, etc are all traded at the best rates.

Why Chose Tacit Exchange?

One major challenge gift card traders face is exchanging their cards for a lesser value. This can be really discouraging! Infact, research shows that about $3 Billion worth of gift cards are left un-redeemed.  Do you have an unused gift card and intend converting them to cash, Tacit Exchange is your best bet for juicy rates. Asides from rates, some platforms have a very poor interface which makes trading much difficult. Security issues also tend to be a great challenge. Some platforms leak out their customer's details while some others swindle their customer's gift cards. Here are some reasons why Tacit exchange stands out.

Easy to use; Trading on Tacit does not require any rocket science. The platform’s interface is easy to use for both professionals and novices in gift card trading. You need just your email, phone and username to 1)      get started. To trade, you only need to select the gift card, its category, and upload the image. The platform is designed by the best hands to ensure ease of trade.

2)      Fast trade; at Tacit, customer's time is valued! You don’t have to wait for a long time to get your card confirmed and receive payment. Once your card is confirmed, your payment is processed within 3-5 minutes.

3)      Security; Getting to worry about the safety of details is never associated with Tacit. There is an all-around firewall guarding customer's details and even trade carried out on the platform. All information provided on the platform is 100% secured.

4)      Best rates; it’s obvious that everyone wants to make a good profit from their trade. Tacit understand this that’s why they ensure there’s a smile on your face after every trade. You can now sell your amazon, eBay, iTunes, Steam, Sephora, etc at the best rates.

5)      Wide range of trade; On Tacict, you can trade almost all gift cards. Here are some of the gift cards you can trade on Tacit;

a.       Amazon gift card

b.       eBay gift card

c.       iTunes gift card

d.       Steam wallet gift card

e.       American Express gift card

f.        Footlocker gift card
 g. Google play gift card
h. Macy’s Gift card
i. Apple Store Gift card
j. Nike gift card
k. Nordstrom gift card
l. Sephora gift card
m. Vanilla gift card etc.

To trade on Tacit, visit , register an account, add your account details, and trade!