Alhaja Sikira Iyiola: Garland of Grace at 80

Alhaja Sikira Iyiola: Garland of Grace at 80

The highest grace that any human being can have bestowed on him or her is to live long, meaningful life. Such grace becomes more praiseworthy when the life of an octogenarian is blessed with fruity offsprings.

Amazing grace of Allah abounds in the life of our mother and grandmother, Alhaja Sikira Iyiola, who clocks 80 today. Born on 6th March, 1942, to the noble paternal and maternal parentages from Olupoyi and Orowuye  sides both at Oja-Iba, Ibadan, Alhaja Iyiola shares blood of consanguinity with Dr Azeez Popoola Adeduntan, the world renowned cardiovascular surgeon and a former governorship candidate in Oyo State, who is her younger brother.

Alhaja Sikira Iyiola has dedicated her whole life to her families, nuclear and extended, her children, business and Islam. She's a successful textile trader, beginning her textile trading at the Old Gbagi before moving to the New Gbagi where she has her textile stores.

As a dutiful mother, Alhaja Sikira Iyiola spares no effort in joining her husband, late Alhaji Salami Iyiola, to give her children sound footing in education, business and morals. Allah has favoured her in countless ways, having blessed her with children that the society is grateful to have and be proud of. Alhaja Iyiola is the mother of Sunkanmi Iyiola, a retired Executive of Chevron Nigeria, Kolawole Iyiola, a retired Banker, Oloye Abiola Iyiola, the Mogaji of Anlamole dynasty in Ibadan, Bidemi Iyiola, business woman, and Biodun Iyiola, an Accountant. Also, Hon Ibrahim Iyiola Dudu, a staunch member of the All Progressives Congress and a famous aspirant for House of Representatives to represent Ibadan North East and South East Federal Constituency, is one of the blessed children of Alhaja Iyiola. Allah gifts Alhaja amazing grandchildren who are making excellent waves in education and sports and other spheres of life.

It's unceasing gratitude to Allah that Alhaja has spent worthy life full of emulative characters as a wife, mother, businesswoman, religious and community leader. As Alhaja begins her octogenarian journey, may Allah grant her excellent health and keep her safe and alive to continue to eat sweet fruits of her sweat on her children and business.

Hearty congratulations to our marvelous mother and gorgeous grandmother on her 80th birth anniversary.